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As is the case with most topics, there is a fair share of misinformation passed around about asbestos. In an effort to keep you informed about what you might not know about asbestos or to debunk wrong information you might believe, here are some common things you should know about asbestos.

What You Might Not Know About Asbestos

  • Asbestos is still in use in the U.S.- Despite the fact that many countries have banned asbestos completely, you will still find it used in some industries in the United States. While less than 1% of the final product is asbestos, in most cases, it could be found in your vinyl tile, home insulation, roofing materials, corrugated sheeting, cement piping, and other building materials, as well as in some potting soil, fire safety products, home appliances, and in automotive parts such as brake pads and clutches.
  • The ban on asbestos didn’t go through- The EPA implemented an asbestos ban in 1989, but it was overturned. There have been many recent cases fighting against asbestos found in imported products, including home goods and toys.
  • At-risk homes are those built before 1985- Despite the ongoing use of asbestos, the exposure is relatively low overall in homes built after 1985. If you want peace of mind that your family is safe from the potential for lung issues related to asbestos, have your home inspected by an asbestos abatement professional.
  • One of the most common asbestos hazards is a popcorn ceiling- If you have an older home, there is a good chance you have a popcorn ceiling in one or more rooms and that asbestos was involved at the time. Asbestos popcorn ceiling removal is one of the most common asbestos removal projects and should always be handled by a professional.

If you would like to know more about asbestos or you would like to schedule a consultation to have your Raleigh, North Carolina home inspected for asbestos, reach out to us at Remtech Environmental. We handle asbestos abatement projects utilizing the latest techniques and safety measures to remove the asbestos without letting it get distributed throughout your home’s duct system. Call today to learn more.