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Asbestos is a strong, heat-resistant mineral that has been used extensively in manufactured goods and building materials for its insulating ability and resistance to burning. It can be found in some insulation, floor tiles, shingles, textured paints, and elsewhere in walls, floors, attics, and home appliances.

What You Should Know About Asbestos

If disturbed, asbestos poses a significant threat to a person’s health, ranging from irritation to cancer. It can become a problem if asbestos-containing materials begin to break down or if it is damaged or disturbed due to remodeling, maintenance, or general repair. This can cause asbestos to release particles and fibers into the air, where they can become a threat to a person’s health.

It can take years for symptoms of asbestos exposure to manifest, and significant damage may already be done at that point. Therefore, it is important to address the issue even if very low levels of asbestos are present. Older construction, especially buildings built in 1979 or earlier, are more likely to contain asbestos-containing materials. There are regulations regarding asbestos, but for most applications, there is not a ban on its usage in the United States. It can still be found in materials that can be purchased at local and chain hardware stores.

At Remtech Environmental, we can recommend trusted asbestos-testing professionals. If a problem is found, we are qualified and prepared to tackle the removal process. We have 30 years of experience in environmental cleanup and seek to educate clients, not scare them. Asbestos removal is important, but we encourage people to remain calm and trust us to fulfill our passion of helping to mitigate the problem. If you have asbestos, or suspect you might, give us a call today to start the removal process.