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You may not know too much about asbestos, but if you’ve at least heard of it, you’ve probably also heard that it can be very hazardous to your health. While an asbestos presence in the home is not an immediate cause for concern, it can be hazardous if this asbestos gets released into the air when materials become damaged.

Common Places to Find Asbestos in the Home

Houses built before 1985 are at the greatest risk for developing an asbestos problem. If you have an older home, there are a few key places that may harbor asbestos. For example, floor tiles used to utilize asbestos adhesives during installation, so if your home had vinyl flooring but it has since been removed, there’s a possibility that asbestos may have been released into the home when the sheet flooring was ripped out.

Asbestos was also commonly used in cement sheets in older homes. You can find these sheets around vent covers and light bases. Corrugated roofing, specifically cement roof shingles, can have white asbestos in them. Decorative elements around the home provide another possible source of asbestos. For example, textured paint and patching elements used on walls may have asbestos in them, depending on how old this paint job is.

We at Remtech Environmental are here to keep you safe rather than scare you over a possible asbestos problem. If you have an older home and are worried about exposure to asbestos, give us a call today. We can let you know whether or not there is asbestos in your home’s air and talk to you about the next best steps for taking care of the issue.