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The homeowners that put their trust in Remtech:

Families and property owners across North Carolina have trusted Remtech to restore their lives and protect their loved ones.

  • We bought a new to us 1964 home last December and to no surprise, we had asbestos popcorn ceilings. We decided to remove the ceilings altogether versus just scraping them. To complicate things even more, we had a plumbing leak in a room that had previously been encapsulated, so we had to deal with insurance to cover a portion of the asbestos removal. Rusty and the whole team at Remtech were such a help from the first moment we spoke! They were responsive, flexible, and knowledgeable. They helped us get insurance what they needed. They even worked with us to do the removal work while we had to be out of town. Asbestos removal and dealing with insurance, especially as we were brand new to the home, was incredibly stressful. Working with Remtech was the opposite – they were helpful and easy to work with that I barely had to think about the work being done. It was a nice break for my brain! They also did a great job. We came home to a CLEAN house with no ceilings! While I'm hoping we never have to go through such a big project again, I know we'd be able to handle it because we can rely on Remtech.

    Kelley Jonkoff Avatar Kelley Jonkoff
    November 29, 2022

    Very fast, professional and responsive. Did floor asbestos abatement for our house for a very reasonable price and they were very quick to schedule to keep us within our very close timeline.

    Andre DeRosby Avatar Andre DeRosby
    November 4, 2022

    As a General Contractor specializing in Bathroom & Kitchen remodel, we complete in excess of 250 bathroom upgrades each year. Regardless of our remodeling and construction experience and capabilities, when it comes to addressing the unforeseen hazardous and environmental conditions posed by mold, asbestos, and lead paints, we have a responsibility to our customers to partner with the best abatement specialist possible, and as proficient in abatement as we are kitchen and bath remodeling. Remtech has proven to be that reliable and trusted partner for both our customers and company. We highly recommend the Remtech Team. Michael Kern COO – The Bath Shop

    tbs vcita Avatar tbs vcita
    October 21, 2022
  • A few months ago I used Remtech Envir. to remove asbestos from the ceiling of my home, and to this day I'm still amazed with their service that I've been meaning to write a review, and today's the day! The whole process went through so smoothly because of their professionalism, punctuality and care. At the end of each day I received an update from Rusty who was the project manager which was super helpful, and because of their expertise I knew the job was getting done correctly. There was a lot of asbestos to remove, and they showed up and delivered hard work to get it done within the time frame that was initially discussed. So grateful we used their services! I would highly recommend!

    Margaret Pereida Avatar Margaret Pereida
    October 17, 2022

    Our church basement flooded and the old asbestos tiles curled up and had to be removed. Jeff Brewer came over to look at our problem, explained what they would do. He furnished a quote very quickly with a fair price. After checking with two other companies, Jeff's instructive conversation, ease of manner, willingness to help and a fair price won him the work. As a former contractor, I know how backed up companies can be in their schedule. He told us of a target time about 4-6 weeks off, which was fine. He called a couple of weeks later and had an opening in his schedule and wanted to come earlier. That was great. Their staff arrived on time and delivered a very quick, professional and clean project. This allowed us to our Fellowship Hall floored and back in operating condition prior to the start of the school year. It is a pleasure to work with a company that communicates well and delivers their service in a superior way.

    Larry Shelton Avatar Larry Shelton
    September 16, 2022

    I have spoken with Bryan on many occasions about growth strategy. He has always been open to communicate. I look forward to future conversations.

    Harley Groff Avatar Harley Groff
    September 6, 2022
  • Remtech came in and did a removal of asepsis when our home developed a leak and the sheetrock ceiling had to be removed. Got right to work, kept us informed every step of the way and did a great job of cleaning up. Would use them again in a heart beat!!

    Tim Kaiser Avatar Tim Kaiser
    August 15, 2022

    The cost was higher than expected, so I did not move forward at that time. I will use Remtech when I amready to have the work done. They are very professional and take the time to answer any questions. The rep arrived on time, explained the process and provided the estimate. A very positive experience.

    Greg - Avatar Greg -
    July 18, 2022

    Remtech was very helpful in abating asbestos at one of our facilities. They were communicative, thorough, and cleaned up thoroughly. They provided certification of satisfactory abatement at the conclusion of their work. I highly recommend their work.

    Erin Donahue Avatar Erin Donahue
    June 21, 2022
  • Bryan was wonderful to work with. RemTech had professional and great work done as well as a fast response.

    Becca Djuric Avatar Becca Djuric
    June 1, 2022

    I needed to address some mold in my attic before it turned into a major concern and was very happy with all aspects of my experience with the Remtech team. I got a few quotes on the work and they provided the most thorough inspection, were willing to answer questions and offer pros and cons of a few treatment methods. They were all very professional - on time, courteous, did a great job keeping any mess out of the main living area, and performed quality work. I didn't have any issues the during the following cold / damp winter months and happy to recommend their services!

    Dane Coalson Avatar Dane Coalson
    May 18, 2022

    I was extremely satisfied with the asbestos removal project. I could see that the two gentlemen that performed the work were taking the necessary safety precautions. They were also courteous and professional, and answered additional questions I had about mold removal. I would highly recommend these guys!

    Rod Chambers Avatar Rod Chambers
    May 3, 2022
  • Remtech personnel are professional and friendly. They perform quality work at a fair price. I give them my highest recommendation.

    Pat Spencer Avatar Pat Spencer
    April 7, 2022

    Asbestos referral for inspection and monitoring services. Excellent resource for asbestos services. Quick response. Professional services and cost effectiveness of referral. Follow up on referral services regarding services received.

    Mary Smith Avatar Mary Smith
    April 3, 2022

    I am so grateful to Remtech Environmental for working with me to remove asbestos siding/shingles that had been in my basement for a number of years. I really appreciated that they came directly to my house, bagged and removed them. It was a huge relief not to worry anymore about how to dispose of this hazard waste. Very professional and responsive company. I highly recommend Remtech Environmental.

    Lisa Giragosian Avatar Lisa Giragosian
    March 21, 2022
  • Provided timely responses to RFP's. Very knowledgeable on regulations. Provided cost-saving recommendations. Conducted themselves professionally on the job. High-quality outfit.

    Daniel Walden-Turek Avatar Daniel Walden-Turek
    March 4, 2022

    This was a very pleasurable business, Everything went smoothly and zero issues. They held true to their price even after the original quote deadline had past. Thanks for the great job!

    daniel scott Avatar daniel scott
    February 23, 2022

    I had two bathrooms with asbestos in the drywall. Rematch gave me an estimate, they sealed everything off nicely, did the removal, cleaned up everything and tested the site and it cost what they said it would cost and everyone went to bed happy. I wouldn't;t hesitate to use them again, should I find asbestos lurking in the walls, ceilings or floors of the older homes of this fair land.

    Aeon Schmoock Avatar Aeon Schmoock
    February 19, 2022
  • Remtech tested and was able to identify an asbestos roof covering that was said to be slate. They were very responsive and thorough and got us an estimate to safely remediate the roof. I highly recommend Remtech for any testing or hazardous material or waste clean up! They are true professionals!

    Heather Winters Avatar Heather Winters
    January 23, 2022

    The folks at Remtech were fantastic! Our popcorn ceilings were peeling in a few rooms and they contained asbestos. The rooms were sealed off, asbestos removed and the air purifiers ran until the inspectors gave the all clear. It was a 3 day process and we were very pleased with the results. Cannot recommend these folks enough!

    Annie Perry Avatar Annie Perry
    December 24, 2021

    Bryan and Lou did a fantastic job removing the asbestos from one of my bigger projects. They were professional, timely and paid attention to detail throughout the process. Remtech made a challenging job look easy. I particularly enjoyed Lou's get it done attitude. It was great working with these guys.

    Frank Geiger Avatar Frank Geiger
    October 15, 2021
  • Remtech has given us a new yard! In just a year our yard has gone from seemingly nothing but weeds to a yard full of grass. We could not be more pleased. Remtech is great with communicating a few weeks in advance about our service date and then they communicate the day or two ahead of service what we should expect. They clearly communicate when we need to water our lawn after treatment and how to cut the grass as well. I am so pleased with this service and business.

    Ashley C. Avatar Ashley C.
    October 9, 2021

    Excellent team to work with on remediation projects. Great communication, flexibility, quick to schedule, and good value. We look forward to more successful projects with Remtech!

    Pete Zseleczky Avatar Pete Zseleczky
    September 13, 2021

    Remtech was a pleasure to do business with! Rusty was on-site for our first meeting early and provided the quote for asbestos abatement on time as promised. The crew did a great job and Sophia in Admin Support was most helpful. We will do business with them again!!

    Phil Wheeler Avatar Phil Wheeler
    August 24, 2021
  • I used Remtech Summer 2020 to remove/abate asbestos-containing popcorn ceilings and floor tile, along with drywall (apparently it is common for drywall mud before 1976 to contain a level of asbestos just over the EPA threshold.) They encountered a much-harder than expected floor removal but didn't charge me extra for it, for which I was extremely grateful. They left some plastic in bedroom closet ceilings that they forgot to remove and came back to remove it fairly quickly after I called to let them know. They noticed a broken square of glass in one of the exterior doors that occurred while they were working at the house and brought it to my attention before I noticed it, and took it upon themselves to have it repaired without me having to call constantly and wait forever wondering if they were actually going to fix it. They made the whole experience easy for me. From what I could see from the outside, they took all appropriate precautions with negative air machines and plastic protection etc. I would recommend them if you have abatement work needed.

    Sarah Deck Avatar Sarah Deck
    August 2, 2021

    Outstanding service by REMTECH in general, and Randy and Erik in particular. Extremely responsive, very professional. Highest recommendation.

    Robert F. Moore Avatar Robert F. Moore
    July 30, 2021

    Remtech Environmental encapsulated our crawl space, installed a dehumidifier, and professionally cleaned our HVAC ductwork. They did an excellent job and our home feels and smells so much better since the work was done. Highly recommend.

    Joshua Thomas Avatar Joshua Thomas
    July 14, 2021
  • "Very respectable, job done exceptional well. Would recommend for anyone. Will be using them again.

    Barbara Avatar Barbara
    May 28, 2021

    Dusty and his team were great. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness, professionalism, and transparency throughout the process. We had some mold services and crawlspace encapsulation done. Dusty even took care of some lingering noise issues coming from our new dehumidifier himself, which was awesome. Thank you!

    Varun Namasingh Avatar Varun Namasingh
    April 2, 2021

    Bryan and his crew have been very good to work with over the past few years. They are always punctual and the communication has been great.

    Brian yates Avatar Brian yates
    February 5, 2021