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Mold can grow in places you don’t always see and quickly become a problem.

Most homeowners know that mold growth can be an issue anytime there is standing water or other types of water damage around their Raleigh, North Carolina home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they know everywhere to check to make sure there isn’t a mold problem. One of the most common places for mold to grow is the crawlspace, which attracts more moisture than most other places around the home. It’s also a part of the home that few homeowners regularly check, making crawlspace mold a more subtle type of home damage.

Just because people don’t typically notice crawlspace mold as quickly as mold in other areas of the home doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken as seriously. Crawlspace mold spores can travel into other areas of the home, and without a visible mold source, you may not notice it until you’re experiencing some of the adverse effects to your health that are common with prolonged mold exposure. That’s why it’s important to make sure you check out your crawlspace from time to time to ensure that there is no growth present. If you do have crawlspace mold, we can help you out.

Our certified mold removal technicians here at Remtech Environmental can handle mold anywhere in your home, from crawlspace mold to mold in your bathroom. We have 30 years of experience dealing with environmental cleanup jobs, so we’re more than qualified to handle your mold removal needs. Reach out to our team today to have your crawlspace mold removed as soon as possible.

At Remtech Environmental, we offer crawlspace mold removal services for customers in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Asheville, Morrisville, Wake Forest, Wendell, Winston-Salem, and Greensboro, North Carolina.