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There is nothing quite like the rewarding feeling of doing an improvement or repair at your home by yourself. The problem is that sometimes it ends up not being as cost-effective as you had anticipated and it almost always ends up being more time-consuming and challenging than you expected. When safety factors into the equation, however, it is a project that is best left to professionals. Mold removal is one of those situations. Here are the top reasons not to handle mold removal yourself:

  • DIY methods are ineffective- There are a ton of well-meaning people who have written blogs and posted videos about how to take care of mold removal yourself, but the majority of them are not effective for long-term results.

Reasons to Call a Professional for Mold Removal

  • Dead mold spores are as dangerous as live ones- Mold removal involves the removal of both dead and live mold spores. A method that just kills them and then covers over them isn’t solving the problem effectively.
  • Technique matters to avoid spread- The wrong method used during mold removal can take mold spores from being just on the surface to being more airborne where they can seek out other desirable locations and start a new colony. While airborne, everyone in the home is susceptible to breathing them in and experiencing respiratory problems.
  • You don’t know what species you are dealing with- While the majority of mold species are relatively harmless other than to those highly susceptible, there are some that are toxic and dangerous to everyone. Unless you are trained in mold identification and hazmat procedures for mold removal, you can put yourself and your family at risk if you handle mold removal on your own.

At Remtech Environmental, we know that mold issues can be scary, but the reality is that with professional mold removal services, the risk to your health is extremely low. Let us perform a mold inspection at your home for peace of mind that all is well or take care of mold remediation if you have a mold situation that is unhealthy. Call today to learn more.