The Dos and Don’ts of Mold Removal

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You don’t have to be an expert to know that mold growth in your home is a problem on multiple levels. Not only does it present a health risk, but it also threatens the integrity of your home since mold eats away at organic materials, such as wood. When you notice mold, the first thing on your mind should be mold removal.

The Dos and Don’ts of Mold Removal

There are right ways and many wrong ways to go about mold removal solutions, so we have compiled some helpful dos and don’ts for you:


  • Trust a professional. Instead of trying to tackle a difficult mold problem yourself, make sure you call a mold removal company so they can send a certified technician your way.
  • Keep kids and pets away. As you wait for mold removal service, keep your children and pets away from the affected area. You don’t want them to inhale the spores or ingest the mold, so you should make every effort to keep the area off limits to them.
  • Address the cause. Mold removal won’t do much if the cause of the mold growth persists. It’s important to find the origin of the problem (whether that’s a leaky pipe, window, or something else) and resolve it.


  • Don’t disturb the mold. Disturbing the mold by poking it or messing with it in any way will put your health at risk and cause the mold to spread.
  • Don’t clean or paint over it. Using harsh chemicals will do more harm than good. In fact, it’s unlikely to do any good at all. Trying to clean mold will spread the particles, and painting over it will merely cover up the signs of new growth instead of stopping it.
  • Don’t panic. Freaking out won’t solve your mold problem. Take a deep breath and rest easy knowing that the professionals can handle it once you give them a call.