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Mold exposure is a reality of life, but the extent to which one is exposed can vary greatly depending on environmental circumstances. If you are buying a new home or have had recent flooding, roof damage, condensation, or any symptoms of mold exposure, it may be a good idea to have a mold inspection.

A Mold Inspection Can Prevent Major Damage and Expenses

A mold inspection generally costs hundreds of dollars, whereas mold remediation can easily cost thousands; so, finding a problem before it gets out of hand can save a lot of money and the headache of a huge mold remediation project.

A mold inspection can be preferable to mold testing. Many types of mold spores come into buildings from outside, but are not actually growing inside. Therefore, mold testing will give a long list of species, but may offer limited usefulness. A mold inspection will actually quantify the extent of any mold problem and thus may be a better option in most cases.

A visual check of areas prone to mold growth by a trained professional can uncover problems without the need for expensive equipment or testing. If a problem is found, the inspector will look for a source of moisture that is causing the problem. Addressing the cause of the problem will make it less likely that mold will continue to grow.

At Remtech Environmental, we offer mold inspections in the Raleigh, North Carolina area and are passionate about the services we offer.  We seek to educate our clients about mold to make the best decisions for their home and family. You can trust us to offer unique solutions for unique problems. If you suspect mold growth or want to rule it out, reach out to us today!