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Our team at Remtech Environmental wants to help you take the best possible care of your home, and we offer a number of services to help you do that. For instance, if your home has been damaged in a flood or has suffered a burst pipe, etc., we can provide the top-notch water damage restoration services you need. In this article, we’ll go over a few things you need to know about the water damage restoration process and how it works so that you can make the best decisions for your home.

What You Need to Know About Water Damage Restoration

  • Assessment- When you call our team for water damage restoration, the first thing we will do is thoroughly inspect your home to assess the extent of the damage. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we will make a plan for how best to deal with your particular situation.
  • Extraction- The next step in water damage restoration is to remove or extract any remaining liquid water from the premises–in other words, if your basement is flooded, our immediate priority will be to get the water out as soon as possible. To do this, we use a system of vacuums and pumps to move the water out of your home.
  • Dehumidification- The third step in water damage restoration is to dry out any wet or waterlogged materials and remove excess moisture from the air as well. This step involves using a system of fans and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry out the area and ensure that no lingering moisture remains.