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There is no doubt that there are calamities that can befall us that we are completely blindsided by and could not have anticipated, much less avoided. Thankfully, there are several others that we can prevent or at least minimize the chance of experiencing. Water damage in your home is largely preventable, as long as you know the most common causes and take steps to keep them from happening.

The Most Common Causes for Residential Water Damage

  • Blocked HVAC drain line- As your air conditioning system pulls moisture out of the air, it is transformed to water and drains to a point outside your home. With annual HVAC maintenance, this line is kept clear so that it doesn’t back up and then leak into your home.
  • Backup due to clogged drain- The primary way to avoid water damage from an overflowing sink, toilet, or bathtub, is to be diligent about what you put down these drains. Avoid FOGs (fat, oils, grease) by putting them in your household trash instead. Use screens on drains to keep them from filling up with hair or other debris. Put safety mechanisms on toilets in households with small children to avoid toys getting flushed and to keep children safe.
  • Appliance breakdowns- Regular maintenance of your dishwasher, ice maker, washing machine, and water heater can go a long way to keeping them from breaking down and spewing water throughout your home. Checking the gaskets, drains, and connections regularly and replacing aging appliances in a timely manner can help you prevent water damage.
  • Pipe damage- A regular inspection of the plumbing can help you know when it might be time for re-piping or if there are connections that have the potential to fail soon. Take care to keep your pipes from freezing during the winter. It is also helpful to know where the pipes are located so you don’t inadvertently damage one with a nail when renovating.

If despite your best efforts to prevent water damage, it happens in your home in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, reach out to us at Remtech Environmental. We have decades of experience with environmental cleanup to provide you with effective water damage restoration, even if time has passed and you are also dealing with mold damage. Reach out today to learn more.