The Importance of Crawl Space Encapsulation

50% of the air in your home comes from your crawl space.

It’s true, half of the air you’re breathing in your home is rising from the crawl space beneath your house. Most people are unaware of just how significant it is to the rest of their home, but as it turns out, a moist, moldy crawl space that is left unsealed can bring allergens, radon, mold and more into your home.

Not convinced that your crawl space can be a danger?

Let’s pose it as a question. Of the images below, which would you prefer to have under your house? Consider maybe kids or pets running around on the floor, or playing near vents.

It’s likely that you preferred the sealed crawl space to the unsealed one. Even if you’re not quite convinced that an unsealed crawl space is harmful, you wouldn’t risk your family’s health for certainty. And that is precisely the point. Encapsulating your crawl space should not come after your kids develop allergies or you yourself develop a cold. It’s a prevention method to ensure that your family stays healthy for years to come.

When a homeowner finds signs of mold in their home and an inspection shows mold in their crawl space, it makes sense to remove that mold.

But how do you ensure that the mold does not return?

You eliminate areas of moisture. The most certain way of eliminating moisture is by separating the crawl space from the earth and keeping out the weather…encapsulation. This will protect your crawl space and ultimately, protect your home.

More benefits of encapsulating your crawl space.


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