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Q.  Do I need to pay to have a mold removal expert do the work or can I do it myself?
A.  The EPA recommends that areas with more than 10 square feet should be done by a qualified contractor who does mold removal.  Even in situations of areas less than 3 foot by 3 foot areas we recommend you have a professional mold tester test the building.  Mold can spread rapidly inside walls, crawlspaces, ceilings and inside your air ducts.

Q.  How long do I have before mold can grow?
A.  In some cases if areas are completely dried within 24 hours mold will not grow.  However, if mold was present it will multiply quickly.

Q.  Can I clean mold with bleach?
A.  Chlorine bleach is not recommended as a routine practice during mold cleanup.  In most cases, it is not possible or desirable to sterilize an area:  a background level of mold spores will remain after bleaching – these spores will not grow if the moisture problem has been resolved. Note that dead mold may still cause allergic reactions in some people.  It is not enough to simply kill the mold, it must be removed.

Q.  How do I know I have a mold problem?
A.  You can usually see mold growing in damp areas on walls and floors.  However mold does have a smell from coumpounds produced by molds are volatile and quickly released into the air.  These strong smelling compounds are known as microbial volatile organic compounds.  A moldy odor suggests that mold is growing in the building and should be investigated by someone qualified with toxic mold.

Q.  Can I remove asbestos materials myself?
A.  Not without proper personal protection such as …..suits, masks, filters.  And there are federal regulations on disposal of friable and non-friable materials.

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