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Archive: Nov 2016

  1. When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Crawlspace For Mold?

    When is the last time you examined your crawlspace? Crawlspaces often tend to go un-examined by many homeowners. We get it, they’re dark, dirty and full of spiders. However, it is important to inspect them regularly because the environment under your home can be conducive to the development of dangerous mold. If it’s not remediated quickly, mold in your crawlspace can spread throughout your home.


  2. How To Make A Successful Real Estate Transaction Out Of A Moldy Situation

    Home is where families spend most of their time together. When searching for the right house, home buyers are looking at aesthetics, yard size, kitchen appliances, and bedroom arrangements. Buyers find the right house, fall in love, hire the inspector, and are devastated when inspection reveals the presence of mold.