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Archive: Sep 2016

  1. 3 Ways to Ward Off Fall Mold Growth

    It’s been a hot and humid summer here in Raleigh, NC. But the time has come, summer is slowly slipping into the rear view mirror and fall is on the horizon. You may be thinking that the threat of mold is behind you. Unfortunately, mold does not take a holiday. Before those beautiful fall leaves wreak havoc on your yard and home, let’s look at some best practice ideas to ward off fall mold growth.

    Fall Into Mold

    Mold and mildew grow year round. While they tend to hibernate or go dormant during the coldest part of the winter, they are very much still there. Fall is the perfect time for mold to grow like wildfire under the cover of damp fallen leaves in your gutters and yard.


    3 Ways to Ward Off Fall Mold Growth

    1. Rake leaves often. Do not leave large piles of leaves around your yard.
    2. Clean leaves out of your gutters. The last thing you need is for those leaves to get compressed by rainwater, and later snow, only to be eventually cleaned out come spring. By that time you could have a real moldy problem on your hands.
    3. Maintain humidity levels in your home below 50%. This may mean using a dehumidifier. Mold grows indoors as well, so be sure that bathrooms and kitchens are well ventilated. While outside temperatures will start to cool off, humidity levels in the Raleigh area average 85% in the morning and 52% in the afternoons throughout the entire year. Be sure to monitor humidity levels in your home to avoid encouraging indoor mold growth.


    Bottom Line

    Don’t let mold growth compromise your health and safety or the structural integrity of your home or building. Stay on top of decomposing fall foliage so that you can enjoy the finer things of the season like football and apple cider.