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Archive: Sep 2014

  1. The Importance of Sealed Crawlspaces


    Our work takes us into a lot of crawlspaces. Most homeowners don’t give much thought to this area of their home since they rarely go into them until there’s an issue. That’s when we are called in to assess the damage and develop a plan to remediate the issues that are commonly seen in crawlspaces, from water intrusion to mold removal.

    Fortunately, enclosing a crawlspace is a simple way to prevent many of the problems we are hired to fix. Most homes in the Raleigh area are built on vented crawlspaces. It’s believed that this allows the area underneath a home to breath by circulating air in and out of the vents. Unfortunately, all this really does is introduce hot, humid air to the crawlspace, leading to a myriad of issues. By sealing a crawlspace, moisture levels are kept to a minimum, ensuring a clean, dry space that adds to a more comfortable home environment.

    We’re not the only ones talking about the benefits of a sealed crawlspace. Our friends at New Light Services have found that sealed crawlspaces protect the integrity of the plumbing and electrical services located within them. Pipes and electrical wires are less prone to corrosion and being tampered with by pests in an enclosed space. All American Heating and Air Conditioning agrees that sealed crawlspaces are a great way to protect and increase the longevity of the HVAC components located beneath your home. Grayson Homes has been so convinced by the advantages that an enclosed crawlspace offers that they’ve broken away from the traditional building practices employed by most home builders and now build all of their homes on sealed crawlspaces. They add a whole house dehumidifier to make certain that a clean, dry crawlspace awaits all of their home buyers.

    If your home is on a vented crawlspace and it’s time to enclose it to protect one of your most valuable investments, give Remtech a call. We’re here to help!