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Archive: Aug 2014

  1. WATCH: How to Know if You Should Call a Pro

    Finding mold in your home can be an unsettling discovery. Whether or not to remove it is a simple question. However, determining if you should remove it yourself or if you should call a professional sometimes proves to be more difficult . Below is a video further explaining the importance of correct mold removal and a few guidelines to help you make the correct decision.

    If the mold coverage is less than four sqft it can be handled as a DIY project, if it is found on a nonporous surface. For example, if you found mold on a painted wood, metal, or glass a simple spray with a cleaner and wipe with a towel will work. However if a significant amount of mold is found on one of these surfaces it could be a sign of a more widespread issue that needs more attention.

    If you find mold on a porous surface such as unfinished wood, drywall, and many plastics then simply spraying and wiping will not solve the issue. The reason for this is that mold loves to hide in the pores of these materials. If you spray and wipe the surface you will not be removing the hidden spores, in fact you could make the issue worse. The reason is moisture. Mold thrives in it, and while chemical cleaners kill the visible spores, they are also water based and therefore leave moisture that soaks deep in the wood and acts as a breeding ground for mold.


    When in doubt, we developed app that removes the guesswork out of deciding if you need to hire a professional. Once inside the app simply snap a photo of the mold and send it to us. One of our professional servicemen will then assess the situation and provide insight to help you make the right decision. This is our simple, commitment free, way to help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

    If you have mold in your house download our app below and allow us to serve you.

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