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Mold Remediation Partner for Realtors

Realtors know that mold is found in every home on the market. Normal levels of mold are usually harmless to both building and occupants and are not a concern. However, when elevated levels of mold are discovered during a real estate transaction, savvy Realtors know that they need to be addressed properly to avoid future liability for their company and their clients. Several factors play a key role in assuring mold issues are remedied during these situations:


The bottom line is always a top concern to Realtors, especially those who are representing the seller. The mold remediation industry is rife with companies who overcharge their clients, using scare tactics to justify exorbitant prices. While it’s imperative to pay for a job well done, this doesn’t translate to overpaying for something that could have been completed more cost-effectively.


Realtors are very aware of time being of the essence in every real estate transaction. Completing all of the required documents, inspections and repair work on a home in a timely manner is critical to a successful closing. Many Realtors are surprised to find that mold removal and remediation can be done quickly in many cases, without disruption to their closing date.


Complete removal and remediation is vital to correct mold issues in a home. Realtors representing sellers want to ensure that their clients’ are not held liable for any adverse effects that uncorrected mold problems may cause. For buyer clients, Realtors want to guarantee that the health and well being of both the home and its occupants are protected.

Remtech Meets Every Need

At Remtech Environmental, we create a win-win situation for Realtors, buyers and sellers. We offer a comprehensive range of mold removal and remediation services and can take care of most jobs quickly and affordably. Our certified remediation technicians are some of the best in the industry and pride themselves on a job well done. If mold issues are threatening your real estate transaction, give Remtech Environmental a call. We’re here to help! (919) 554-2800