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Why Mold Has The Power To Ruin Your Renovation Project And What You Can Do About It.

Home remodeling and renovations are all the rage. Kitchen and bathroom remodels can yield high return on investment. So what happens when you or your contractor discover mold on the road to your dream kitchen or spa bathroom?

When You Come Face to Face With Moldmold-behind-wall

Day 1 of the renovation project comes and it’s demolition time. You or your contractor are taking out drywall, tearing up flooring or pulling out an old tub and there it is, the very thing that can stop any remodeling project in its tracks…MOLD.  There are many things to consider when deciding which route to take on the road to remediation.

Contractors are afraid of the ‘M’ word

Contractors may be afraid to identify mold as such because with it comes a huge liability. Talk to your contractor before work begins and find out what their protocol is if mold is discovered. Be sure that they are going to call in a licensed remediation company and not try to solve the problem on their own. Gone are the days when spraying mold with bleach was thought to be sufficient for proper clean up.

You Found Mold: Now What?

The EPA recommends calling in a professional mold remediation company for any mold that covers more than a 3ft by 3ft area. If you have determined that the area affected is small enough to clean yourself, meaning you are absolutely certain that there is not more mold than what you can see, follow these steps:cover-in-ipad

  1. Wear gloves, goggles, and a face mask.
  2. Scrub affected area with warm water mixed with detergent.
  3. Bag, seal, and dispose of all materials that came in contact with the mold.

Mold permeates below the surface of porous and absorbent materials like carpets, some types of tile, drywall, and insulation, ruling them out as candidates for DIY mold removal.

Next Steps

Mold, while a nuisance it is not insurmountable. Don’t let mold ruin your remodeling plans. Check out our mold decision guide to learn more about what to do when you encounter mold during your next renovation project.

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