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  1. Post Rainfall and the Mold Aftermath

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    Despite the night and day transformation in North Carolina weather over the past week, the rainfall was pretty intense. Incredible amounts of rain collected and created dangerous flooding throughout central NC. Flood stages in areas around Raleigh were cresting at 20 feet, and businesses that had several feet of water are now foraging what’s left […]

  2. Mold Monsters: Identifying “Scary” Household Mold

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    “People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer…”  – Andrew Smith Most people do not know the different species of mold in homes, let alone which ones are dangerous. We’re here to change that. Breaking Down the Mold There are two common forms of indoor mold, airborne spores which are invisible to […]

  3. Is Mold Hiding In Your Home? Learn How To Find It

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    As winter draws to an end, flowers will unfold, bushes will blossom, and tree spores will spew pollen throughout the Triangle area. Spring is the season for tissues and Benadryl. If you and your children are sniffling and sneezing, it can be difficult to determine whether the irritating allergens are from outdoors, or from within […]

  4. Can Window Condensation Lead To Mold?

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    Issues related to indoor humidity and excess moisture are not limited to the summer months. Whether the weather is cold or warm, moisture in your home can lead to the development of mold. One place you might not expect mold to develop is around your windows and on your window sills. Window moisture and condensation […]

  5. In-Home Humidity And Condensation Contribute To Mold

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    If you ask us whether mold is most likely to develop during summer or winter, we answer, “Yes.” It surprises some homeowners to hear that weather conditions are conducive to mold growth during the winter months. However, as we have already experienced this month, rain and snow can keep homes and foundations moist throughout the […]

  6. Winter Mold Prevention

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    In our previous post, we discussed the importance of checking for signs of water damage, excess moisture and mold development after winter storms. Mold is not merely a spring and summer issue. Snow and ice challenge your home’s drainage systems and can lead to unexpected flooding and mold issues. Rain and humidity do not disappear […]

  7. Winter Water Damage Is Real – Learn How To Protect Your Home

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    The January thaw has melted away Raleigh’s recent winter weather. Though the snowpocalypse did not materialize this time, it is important for homeowners to be prepared for the potential damage their homes can incur during winter storms. For two more months, central North Carolinian’s will have a close eye on the weather. Can Winter Weather Cause Water […]

  8. When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Crawlspace For Mold?


    When is the last time you examined your crawlspace? Crawlspaces often tend to go un-examined by many homeowners. We get it, they’re dark, dirty and full of spiders. However, it is important to inspect them regularly because the environment under your home can be conducive to the development of dangerous mold. If it’s not remediated quickly, mold […]