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Archive: Dec 2015

  1. Four Quick Tips for Preventing Mold After All This Rain

    So much for white Christmases and winter wonderlands this winter. Thanks to El Niño, a periodic worldwide weather influencing band of warm water in the Pacific Ocean we have had a weird, warm, wet December here in North Carolina.

    As of December 29th, rainfall totals are 1.57 inches above the normal amount for December at RDU. Since October 1st, totals are a whopping 6.76 inches above normal. With another 1-2 inches or more anticipated by the end of the day (12/30), many homeowners are going to be battling with mold development in the coming days and weeks. (more…)

  2. Five Indisputable Facts About How Sick We’re Making Santa

    Every Christmas Eve for at least 200 years, we have come to expect the kindest, jolliest, and most magical elf to bring gifts from the North Pole to all the good girls and boys. He has yet to let us down, but we have reason to believe Santa’s end may be nigh? (more…)